SkeletonKey Consulting is run by Rob Henderson, a communications specialist based in Northumberland.

With over a dozen years experience in marketing, fundraising, communications and public engagement, Rob offers a range of bespoke services.

Rob is a multi-channel, multi-million-pound fundraiser. Through experience, research and innovation he has provided donor growth, development and strong return on investment to fund national campaigns.

At the heart of good communications is understanding what you want to say, and what your audience want to hear. Success lies in marrying those two elements together.

A wealth of engagement experience comes from work in a large membership organisation, volunteer management through campaigns, and public education projects in the NHS.

Underpinning this is Rob’s methodical approach – evidenced-based, and outcome-focussed. Data and analytics provide the structure for innovative communications that connect emotionally with an audience and motivate them to take action.